Sea Chest Marine
1320 Scott St.
San Diego Ca.
Used, New, Rebuilt, Boating Gear and Marine Equipment

    We are a family owned business founded in 1976.
We Buy, Sell, Trade And Consign, Used and New
BOATING GEAR. Providing unparalleled service
Along with timely delivery, and a high standard of
We represent a Full line of New Equipment Manufactures.
We offer our customers wholesale prices and years of
Experience in the marine equipment and repair field.
We recondition all of our used equipment to insure that it will be
in proper working order when it is sold.
We REBUILD Transmissions, Raw water pumps,
Engines, Toilets, and many other marine related items at
Very attractive prices. Our normal turn around
time on raw water pumps and transmissions is
Only 2 working days.
If you are in an out of the way spot, or just fed up
with the same old service, give us a try.
We welcome your inquiry, and will do our very best
To answer any of your questions.

We Ship World Wide
Just call
619 225-1339 or Fax 619 225-1523

e-mail for
Steve von Der Ahe

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