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1320 Scott St.
San Diego, Ca.
( 619 ) 225-1339

Featuring Some of our Rebuilt Engine Pumps.

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We specialize in rebuilding marine engine raw water pumps
Engine Driven emergency clutch drive pumps, bait and
marine pressure fresh water supply pumps. You can send
us your pump for repair or exchange. Our average charge
is $95.00 to $125.00 for Labor Plus Parts. The average
turn around time is two working days, so you won't be shut
down for weeks because of a bad pump. We have a good stock
of older OBSOLETE hard to find engine raw water pumps.
We offer free inspection service and will contact you with
the total cost of your pump repair before we precede with
any repair for your approval.
We have been Rebuilding pumps since 1976.


We Ship World Wide
Just call
619 225-1339 or Fax 619 225-1523

e-mail for Steve von Der Ahe

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