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Most comfortable and secure harness, and you canít fall out.
This harness is the first climbing harness specifically designed
for marine use with enhancements for more comfort while aloft,
including extra wide leg straps for preventing dead leg.
Features a spike pocket and multi-tool holder on the back of the belt.
Ergonomic shape allows a more comfortable fit. The belt, with a
Rapid-Fit instant adjustment system, uses soft flat materials,
so itís comfortable to wear for long periods. Kevlarģ covers on
the leg straps give essential protection against deck abrasion.
Ití's as comfortable as a bosunís chair and much safer because
you canít fall out of it. Comes with blocks, line & carry bag.
ONLY $150.00

We Have a Good Selection of Reconditioned
Sailing winches in Stock, Call us 619-225133
e-mail for Steve von Der Ahe

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